Are you looking to have more fun and meaning in your life?

Since introducing a mindfulness practice in my life, I’ve discovered (to much joy) how it has transformed me in many intangible and tangible ways.

One most tangible benefit of learning mindfulness is how much
my tango dancing has improved!

Mindfulness taught me how to step out of my automatic pilot and step into a wonderful connection with my dance partner.

It has since changed my life in many wonderous ways.

I want to share this journey with you.

Understanding a Wandering Mind

The first step towards mindfulness is learning how to be aware of your wandering mind and to bring it back to the present moment.

Want to learn how?

Watch the video above to find out more. I explain how our mind works and you’ll learn that what you’re experiencing is completely normal! 

Once you have understood the wandering mind, the second step is to learn and practice how to be in the present moment.

I have found that a really cool way to do this is to move the mind with the body.

Learn a mindful movement practice to help shift the mind into rest.

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