Over the past few months my spirit has been flagging, especially since all my work was cancelled and I mucked up by JobKeeper form depriving me of much wanted funds. So I have been wallowing and wondering is it still worth it with no dancing, no teaching and cocooning at home with my dear mother. Then I received an exciting opportunity to work at Hunab Ku a healing and meditation gallery in the East End. I get to deliver meditations every Tuesday and Thursday with thanks to Joy Nugent. This has given me the lift I needed and I could feel my spirit awakening again. As Mark Nepo says:
A dog loves the world through its nose.
A fish through its gills.
A bat through its deep sense of blindness.
An eagle through its glide.

And a human life
through its spirit.

I had lost my spirit, my passion and willingness to teach during the COVID slowdown. I was still exercising, meditating and doing yoga, yet something was missing… my spirit. My pilot light had gone out and I was straying off course. I felt directionless, numb and rudderless. Where was my compass, where was my inner guide, my inner wisdom teacher that I have invested so much time in? Where was she when I needed her the most? She came in the form of signals and I answered the calling. Signals from my mentor Joy, “will you work for me?”, from Matt a client “will you teach again?”, from my dear friend and colleague Cherise, “will you collaborate with me”. These signals or messages came from people that know I am worthy. My spirits started to lift, the fog cleared and I could see the future and feel the way with confidence. 

Are your spirits flagging or in need of alignment to live your purpose or to find your true north? Have you ever accessed your inner guide or ignited your inner pilot? If these words seem foreign to you, I invite you to explore my offerings, to keep you going, especially during these challenging times. You may be missing the signals.