It has been just over seven years since I left my high-profile advertising career and I gallantly embarked upon a journey that has brought out my vulnerability topped up with chronic doses of fear. Though as time passes fear moves into the background and I become a little bit more courageous. I really don’t know why it has taken me sooo long to figure out my fear, imagine the wrinkles I would have saved! You may well know that feeling of doubt, evidenced by nervousness in the body that arises at exactly the wrong moment! 

Looking back it seems I have a degree in not what to do and at these times it seems I am always in the presence of influentual and significant people in my life. Drats, I have done it again, shown my lessor self when I just wanted to show my impressor self!  I am “falling upward”, just like Fr Richard Rohr describes…

“We grow more spiritually by doing it wrong than by doing it right” 

Falling upward describes my spiritual journey to me, my real self in this present moment that I have grown into.
 For example I can bravely declare that I am a beautiful woman without feeling pretentious. I ask you to say out loud “I am a beautiful woman” and note the feeling, thoughts and bodily sensations that arise. If you felt in anyway uncomfortable, congratulations you are on your way to feeling beautiful and believing in yourself.

I silently admit I dread all those mistakes yet to happen, even though I know they represent the necessary bumps of life driving me towards the yin of dancing and yang of teaching.

Knowing who I really am gives me the confidence to step into life and reap the rewards of giving and receiving, moving me closer to loving myself and others.

Nevertheless my mistakes keep coming, and with time I find I am getting better at keeping my mouth closed and my eyes and ears wide open. Life is a wonderous journey if you allow your mistakes and get to know your fear triggers and not to let them get the better of you. I have been there far too often and I realise that life is too precious not to be participating with your real self. What is your yin and yang that will take you there?

I am now offering spots in a course that could expand your creativity, peacefulness, and self-realisation. In fact the course could be called…

Finding your yin and yang to feel alive!
Over the course of 8 weeks, we explore your patterns of thinking, feelings and actions, and learn how to transform them into positive behaviours.

Out of my mistakes I have gained access to my inner courage, I have grown to become more than my fears and I have shed my limited identity.

And I have not looked back.