Are you feeling anxious just like me?

I can feel the anxiety building when I listen to the PM, the media and Facebook pings alerting me to more precautions, remedies, bans and possible lock-downs.

I feel like the frog in a boiling pot of water, knowing one day it may be too late to jump out. These thoughts of doom are making me feel worse.

I tell myself this is normal during an unfamiliar and threatening situation. That does not make it any easier. The good news is, we are wired to respond to threat and our hormones kick in to prepare us to fight, flight or freeze. Once upon a time real tigers roamed the earth and this was our survival mechanism. Today we have paper tiger threats. Perhaps your paper tiger is on the loose today. My hormones are rattling and unsettling me. So let’s do something to feel better resourced when we tip into anxiety.

Yesterday I was feeling down, flat and unmotivated. I struggled to attend a mindfulness meditation session facilitated by one of my peers. I am so glad I made that decision. I was a different person when I left the online group as I experienced a profound shift in my mood. I was surprised that connecting with people I admire and like was so uplifting. Seeing Karl Baker’s smiling face beaming at me in a little square, tugged at my heart, and released my pent up pressure-valve through laughter. (BTW Karl is the only CEO I know that has a title Human Being). The sharing of “how are things going for you”, combined with the meditations, was just what I needed. I found this process most refreshing and I am excited to model this format to my friends and peers.

I feel compelled to offer you the same opportunity to feel differently, albeit only for a short while.

I am giving you the opportunity to attend my first online meditation session to settle your rattling nerves and arm yourself to paper tigers. The 1/2 hour session will include a mindfulness meditation or practice along with small group discussions in private breakout rooms. No experience is required other than being able to breathe.

Message me for the Zoom link to our next session.

I invite you to join me to connect and share with others during this current health crisis.

Create an oasis in your day to rest. It might give you that energy boost you need as it did for me.

Round up and settle your paper tiger and shift the way you feel.