I woke up this morning not trusting myself. How can I teach others when I have fallen into this self doubting hole. Fortunately I have my mother who senses my mood and reads my stars to lift my spirits. I fell quickly into her soothing words as she read the future outlined by the local paper’s soothsayer.

Once you value yourself for who you are (rather than who you wish you could be), you’ll be able to avail yourself of all the support that’s on offer. Oscar Cainer

I concur, the ambitious perfect Virgo girl is not feeling valued, she is cracking. How did this happen? I had fallen into the trap of gauging my own self-worth by comparing myself to others. Jumping from a real audience to online made me feel vulnerable. Suddenly I was imperfect. I paused and reflected and I realised I had become a victim of my own thoughts fueled by an unsettled sleep. I had lost trust in my ability to lead mindfulness practices, at a time when the world needs me. I had to get my act together, so I did what I know. Teach. I stepped into my Sunday class and I found my thread again and it’s enough to keep me going. This experience of self-doubt is a gift and I learnt a value-able lesson.

To be fully yourself, trust your own being and unique qualities

Be yourself everyone else is taken, Oscar Wilde

Ask yourself these questions in quiet reflection.

  • How can you step into your most value-able self during this pandemic?
  • What are you doing to support yourself to lift your spirits during these uncertain times?
  • How can you bring your best self to the world, so in need of you?

My response to these three questions, are to bring my imperfect self to the world, just like these Japanese bowls, and teach. Will you join me?