Here’s my story.

In late 2013 I took a leap of faith and ventured out from my secure 28-year advertising career.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? To ‘give up’ a high-profile career with all of its trappings to start again!

This time round though, I have discovered a more meaningful life.

By mid 2016 I had become a yoga and mindfulness teacher, which is where my new venture Oasis Mindfulness began to form. Throughout my training, I learnt to listen to my heart and less to my head. I also learnt there are simple, yet powerful practices that can make a difference in how you think and feel, creating deeper and more meaningful experiences in life.

I can honestly say over the last few years I have become the person I like being thanks to this new-found knowledge.

Out of my new learnings I have gained access to my inner courage, I have grown to become more than my fears and I have shed my limited identity. In return, I have discovered a freedom I have never felt before. A freedom that has given me time to reflect upon WHO I really was, WHERE I wanted to be, and WHAT I wanted to do.

Before my leap of faith, I had no idea I could do this for a living. All I really knew was that I wanted to sleep for a million years, and to not make any decisions!

I ended up taking a three-month sabbatical after advertising, there-after I joined Behind Closed Doors (BCD). Here I met a sisterhood of businesswomen just like me. Women who were full of self-doubt, lack of worth, and untapped talent! Thank goodness for Donny Walford and her wonderful facilitators who were there to guide and mentor us. Two years with BCD provided me with the skills and confidence to step into a new career and a new life. Thank you Donny!

If you’re still reading, thank you for taking the time to hear my story.

I’m keen to share my profound learnings with others who may be treading a similar path of self-doubt, or who want to live life with more happiness and less stress. A journey where you learn to truly listen to your self. Where you live according to your values. And where you prosper from your inner wellbeing.

So what can I offer you? At the moment I am sharing with you the insights I have directly drawn from my mindfulness mentors, on LinkedIn. It’s the first step to feeling my way, listening to what you want. I feel my calling is to share the magic and mystery of mindfulness to business professionals. To teach mindfulness as a competency, an experience rather than information or theory.

This is my first vulnerable step into the corporate field. It’s taken me nearly two years to be here. What I have become, now inspires me to assist others to change as well.

I look forward to seeing you share your guidance and wisdom with me.