I recall jumping into my car at the end of lockdown and feeling an exuberant wave of freedom, and that was the exact moment I felt like an eagle soaring.

My chest opened and I literally took that breath I had been unconsciously holding for seven days. As I closed my eyes and felt the kiss of the sun, I felt the release of space as freedom coursed through my body and touched my spirit.

In a split second I could see me, free as a bird lifted up beyond my world to see. Yet seeing was not my full experience, it was endlessly more. I had an instant flash of freedom. I was alive and free at last, to do anything I wanted. Alas this was a fading moment, albeit a beautiful one. This momentary deep connection to freedom, what did this really mean to me? How can I feel freedom more beyond a fleeting second.

As I went about doing my dutiful errands, I tucked this experience into my subconscious for reflection during meditation and to trust in the curriculum of my life to bring me the answers.

Then slowly it came to me, like the fusing of loose ends. I came to the realisation that I was living with guilt. Guilt was holding me back from feeling freedom. Ah the elation of insight and my treasured mindfulness practice.

I instantly recognised I needed to free myself from guilt to feel happy.

To let go of the guilt I feel when…

  • I realise I am taking too long to do this job
  • I pay for the things I do not need but want…think facials and dance lessons
  • I am studying and there is housework to be done
  • I think of an ex-boyfriend
  • I spend too long on my computer when I should be exercising

What guilt are you feeling today?

Can you let it go?

Is feeling guilty stopping you from true happiness and being your best self?

If so, can you do something about it to release your freedom.

I invite you to take the time now to quietly listen inwards and name your emotion, then you can tame your emotion.

Amazingly just by consciously naming an emotion, you offer yourself engagement, distance and perspective. This action ignites a neural pathway in your brain to activate change.  

This post has been inspired by my teenage idol Russell Morris who sang, Wings of an Eagle.