My brain hurts thinking about those moments at my Starcom desk when I lacked clarity and focus yet I had to go on.

These days I feel less overwhelmed and stuck and I feel more blessed and excited about my life. I am no longer identified by my job or the money I earn.I am growing into the woman I was meant to be. I love learning and I have found my passion for dancing and mindfulness. This would not have been possible without time to “not think”. Now we can’t stop our thinking but we can make a choice where our minds spend their time. This has created an amazing shift in my life and brought about career and personal changes I never would have predicted, sitting at my desk.

I have learnt to be attentive to my mind’s wandering thoughts, and through my daily meditation practice, I have learnt so much about myself. To the point I never thought I would be offering a Bali retreat two years ago, in fact it was never a dream. Now it feels so right and real to be doing this “work” that I love.

We are all capable of being so much more than we think. Our minds spend too much time on thinking and not enough on being. When was the last time you truly felt in awe of life or someone you know? That you were touched enough to feel emotion. Emotions are the elixir of life. We brush over so many moments that carry opportunity for change. We forget to stop, pause and reflect on how we feel about our life. And most importantly to make those corrections or alignments that are heart-based and not influenced by others or your discursive mind.

Retreats offer the space for you to learn how to “not think” and to discover your natural resources beyond the mind.

We need the space to not think and to feel, to make inspirational changes in our life.