Are you stuck yet wanting more for your life?
Do you want to live a life you deserve and desire? What’s got in your way? Are you happy with your health, wealth, partner or most importantly are you happy with YOU. Have you felt the bumps and knocks along the way and somehow feel there is more to this life you have created, that something is missing.
I am so excited to tell you the fantastic news that your new life of fun, passion and great health
is waiting for you to arrive.
But hey you might be stuck, just like I was. Actually I felt defeated and unable to change my high-pressured career until I got my wake-up call of a random panic attack that lasted for 3 days, very untimely whilst on holidays, on top of an isolated mountain in Nepal. I felt my life could not get worse. When I saw the exhibit of these brass feet at Hobart’s MONA, it reminded me of how much I have moved on. Like all great art, these feet had a message for me. I could see and feel the melding passions of my life – tango, travel, yoga and business. I felt so grateful it took my breath away. When I last spoke to you I shared that I needed affirmation to keep my intention alive of blending corporate with mindfulness. Self-affirmation I mean, to keep mrs doubtfire from visiting.
So what keeps me from getting stuck.
Firstly I have a clear vision of the life I want to lead because I have set my intention and visualised the map in my mind. (vision story board sessions are great for this) Then I pause, listen and reflect each day on what is the most important thing I need to do now to make this happen, and realign my energy there. Currently my focus is to let go of striving to prove my worth, to allow my natural inner wisdom to arise. I am doing this by shifting from a crux of knowledge to listening wholeheartedly to my participants. My mantra being I don’t have to have the answers, and BTW neither do you. Leave that part to the universe. Just make up your mind on how you want to live and revisit it often in your mind or by journaling. Or as Martha Postlewaite says…
“create a clearing in the dense forest of your life and wait there patiently until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands”.