What potential does the power
of our own INTENTION hold for us?

Last time I shared with you my passion for mindfulness teaching and knowing this is my calling in life. I also declared my intention to enter into the corporate world, blending mindfulness with business. Yet I still needed guidance as my inner mrs doubtfire was raging. This time I did not believe her yet I listened and inquired by asking myself “what do I need to take the next step?” I realised I needed AFFIRMATION, for me to accept that I know this stuff, my content will resonate and that I can do this!  Fortuitously along came Google and I signed up for a leadership course on  Emotional Intelligence and put my new tango shoes on hold. I was curious as the outline for the 2 day workshops was material I was very familiar with from my mindfulness training. This was money very well spent and I even squeezed in some dancing too! I had set my INTENTION to go back into corporate and whilst I did not know exactly how, I put into place the stepping stones to lead me on the path. I listened inwardly and acknowledged I had thoughts of doubt and feelings of fear and used this information to make a wise choice. I needed AFFIRMATION to keep my INTENTION alive. Since I’ve been back I have had 3 bookings for workshops on Building Emotional Resiliency. Don’t let your intention be stifled. Listen to the CEO of your mind and it might just bring you the crumbs you need to keep you on your chosen path.

As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed.
As your deed is, so is your life. As your life is, so is your end.

Modified Hindu Text, The Upanishads