The weekend is here. What do you look forward to? Which thought bubble is mostly you?

Aah I’m going to escape from the hassles and stress of the week by going shopping and splurging on that expensive dress or toy – that will make me feel better because I deserve it!

I am just too damn tired to do anything or make any decisions, I just want to sleep for a million years.

I can’t wait for that drink when I get home.

It’s time to rest, relax and replenish and I’ll do that by listening to my inner-self and taking the nourishment I truly need. 

If you gravitated to the first two points then it is time to realign where you look for your nourishment. Often we seek external stimulus for a solution when the answers we long for are within. Yet how do you touch this inner wisdom, this guided intuition that is so elusive? Here is my view…

Get out of the mental fabrications or the inner voice that rules your life and get into your deeper self.

This might sound esoteric yet if you are still reading then you probably are searching for something that does not exist in your life or perhaps you know what you want but you are stuck or don’t know how to get there. Or you are just exhausted.

Here’s a clue to help turn that feeling around.

Start spending your weekends immersing yourself in non-man made products and environments such as a walk along the beach, a forest or hills hike, walk around a dam or a lake or along a river or just sit and marvel at the view.

Enjoy mother nature’s palate mix of colour, sound, shapes, density and smells.

Take time to feel the texture of plants.

Take out any human interventions as much as you can. Be in awe of the scenery, the creation and variety of insects and animals.

Take time out to sharpen your senses in environments that are not tarnished by humans.

Observe, feel, touch, smell and taste. You may be surprised how your senses will be intensified.

There is no judgment in nature, no influence of how you should behave, no expectations on who you should be. Just pure ambience and solace of being.

If you listen and find your place at one with nature, the insights for your life will surely arise, then you may realise you have enough.Red Robyn