The Tango Lesson

I have come home from 20 hours of tango dancing in Pt Macquarie with extra bags… under my eyes that is, and it was worth every wrinkle!

What a hoot!

220 obsessed souls coming together to feed their addiction of love, beauty and desire, all the while experiencing moments of loneliness, unworthiness and torment. All of these emotions course through me while I patiently sit to be feted, for my partner to race towards me, or to receive the cabeceo (the look that says you are mine for the next 12 minutes).

OK I admit it – I want to be feted shamelessly.

I want to feel wanted, to feel loved, to feel beautiful while experiencing freedom and creativity, spurred by the rhythm and flow of the beat.

Tango is the most “feeling” dance I know.

The embrace is the invitation to feel, the body sings the song whilst the feet play the music. You don’t have to do anything other than be there, to be present. Once you feel the connection with your partner then the transfer of energy begins. It is only if you are present that you can receive this allusive elixir, the catalyst being your partner and MOST OF ALL, the detachment of your thoughts.

Only when you have given yourself freely to the moment and not held captive by your thoughts or the fantasy of what’s to come, can you be open to new possibilities of creative expression.

Emotions are triggered by your thoughts and are held and released through the body. Tango is a body awareness dance and once you have felt connection with your partner the magic begins and the mind drops away.

The Mindfulness Lesson

I had a marvellous experience when the moment I wasn’t looking for arrived; A beginner’s mind with no expectations came to me.

As I moved from doing the tango state of mind to being the tango, it came unexpectedly and with ease. In doing so, (no pun implied) I succumbed to the energy bond formed seamlessly with my partner and slipped into a spaciousness of vibration, serenity and flow.

I became expressive and delighted myself as each movement unfolded so intuitively.

I had let go of my mind and was in the moment of experiencing my happy feet.

I realised my thoughts had dropped away and I was being my true self without discursive thoughts.

Aah I had touched the gift of presence and entered the being mode of mind with my body.


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